Fresh Start

Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover is Kenna’s redemption story.

Five years earlier, she was charged with her boyfriend Scotty’s death in a car wreck. Now she is out of prison trying to rebuild her life, and meet the daughter she was forced to give up while serving her sentence. Her daughter, Diem, is living with Scotty’s parents, and they make it very clear that they do not want Kenna entering their lives. Kenna works through her feelings by writing letters to Scotty.

Meanwhile, Kenna manages to make a strong connection to Ledger, one of Scotty’s best friends and childhood neighbor. The author alternates between Ledger and Kenna’s points of view, all the while building the sexual tension between them, and revealing back story. Everything leads to the critical moment in which Ledger must choose between his relationship with Diem and Scotty’s parents or Kenna.

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