Seeking Truth

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson is first in a trilogy.

Pippa decides that her senior year capstone project will investigate a murder case from five years earlier. She feels that the alleged murderer, Sal Singh, was too kind to ever commit murder. He also took his own life amidst the investigation. His family have been outcasts in their town ever since. Pip suspects foul play.

Readers are drawn into her investigation. She befriends Sal’s brother Ravi and they work to solve the case together. The suspect list includes friends, a drug dealer, police and a news reporter. Pippa carefully documents her interviews and observations. She knows she is getting close when she starts receiving threats. She builds an incredible case until eventually discerning the actual story.

This book will greatly appeal to any mystery fans. Pippa is a strong, intelligent character who you can’t help but root for along the way.

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