Crime Creeps Closer

This will be a two book, one post entry since I finished the final two books of Holly Jackson’s trilogy: Good Girl, Bad Blood and As Good As Dead.

Good Girl, Bad Blood follows Pip on the case of another mystery. This time her friend Connor’s brother Jamie has gone missing. Pip works the case with the same tireless devotion and eye for detail as she did with the Andie Bell case. She finds out that Jamie was being catfished by someone with a huge agenda. It all comes crashing down with a murder that profoundly changes Pip.

As Good As Dead is my favorite of the three books. Pip is horribly traumatized after witnessing Stanley Forbes’s murder in book two. Added to this are the mysterious threats against her. It is these very threats that pull her into her final case. The case starts as an attempt to exonerate a man wrongfully accused as a serial killer. Meanwhile, the real killer has set his sights on Pip. This case almost kills her while also making her part of the case. Pip is forced to use all her true crime knowledge to outsmart the system. Making a mistake can cost her everything. Everything comes full circle in this final book which makes it a satisfying finish to the series.

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